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About Our Air Conditioning System
For homes that were built without central ducting (mainly hot water radiator-heated systems), air conditioning usually means a noisy window unit that only cools one room. Adding ductwork to older homes is a costly and messy alternative.

With Invisible Ducting / Attic Installation:

We use a super-quiet, customized system that delivers cool air smoothly and quietly to every area of your house.This system can be installed -quickly and economically- without the need for major cosmetic alterations, bulky ductwork or enormous installation costs. Unobtrusive, adjustable ceiling diffusers let air drift gently down, guaranteeing even temperatures throughout your house, without the drafts or noise associated with many other air conditioning systems.

This success led to the development of the alternative attic based system for bungalows, two and three-story homes which do not require the sophisticated engineering of the high-velocity system.

The popularity of the attic-based system is growing steadily throughout the greater Toronto area. Its dramatic growth over the past several years, mainly through referrals is testimony to the quality and economy of the system- and of course, to the efficiency and cleanliness of our installation.

We are proud of our growing family of satisfied customers. We look forward to providing you with the quiet, comfortable and consistently cool environment you deserve in your home.


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